Hey everyone!
My name is Kia, I’m a 26 year old, single mother of twin daughters, living in California! I LOVE to cook… I often say the kitchen is my happy place. I have been making several lifestyle changes; from eating healthier (meat-less Mondays!) and becoming a better mother to being more holistic with treating ailments. I even started my own business after I was laid off from my job of almost 7 years. (This is all within the last 5 months!) I am very easy going, arts and crafty, and I honestly just love life.

This is my first attempt at blogging, and I am excited!

The Lord has really been placing things on my heart, and as an instrument of His I want to be as transparent as possible and hopefully offer up some encouragement for any others in similar situations or those that are just going through some things in their life.

The basis of this blog is about relationships, ALL relationships. About 6 months ago a relationship I was in for about 3 years ended. Needless to say I was devastated! Towards the end of it, I had been praying if this man was MY husband. And there were several clear signs that he wasn’t. But because I’m hardheaded, I didn’t trust God. I was determined not to be that lonely single mother anymore. My daughters deserve a father figure and a complete family. But my plans, are not His plans. Sadly, I was beyond hurt.

Ever since then, God has constantly been comforting me with His word and I couldn’t be more content!  He has been showing me so much about myself I never allowed Him to reveal to me before. I never knew many things about myself until now. Yes there are times I struggle, but it’s never more than I can handle with Him on my side to see me through.

My hope is to encourage someone. In some way.

Thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Helen Hall

    Dear Sis. Kia, I just finished reading your blog and I was greatly encouraged in your words of wisdom and how you showed other young women that they do not have to settle for anything just to say they have a man. I also was a teen mom but at the time I thought I was blessed because the father of my child married me and we were married for 39 years (my husband died in 2013) it started out being a good marriage, he was a good provider for our family but he never completely gave his life to God. He was not a faithful husband but through much prayer and faith in God I was able to overcome the hurt. God became my companion to help me get over the emptiness that had came into my marriage, I never stopped attending church and teaching my sons about God and what their rule should be as a young man that would one day have a wife and children of their own. Please let our young ladies at church know how they should dress and act to keep them from being attracted to the wrong type of guys. This blog is awesome and I thank God for your testimony. Praise God for such a beautiful young lady that even though she has been hurt in previous relationships, she has learn to not just settle for any man but to wait on God and He is going to bless her with a good husband and father for her beautiful daughters.

    God bless you Kia and keep on living for the Lord

    Helen Hall

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